Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gas Stations

Gas stations play an integral part in modern society. But you know how to tell a good one from a ghetto one? No, any classy gas station can end up with that written on the bathroom wall. It's the windshield cleaner bucket. If it's got no squeegees then it's a good for nothing joint. If they would let your windshield stay filthy and let the sun glare risk your life, then they obviously don't care for you, and they are slackers. When I pull up to a nice clean jiffy store with some good windshield cleaner junk (not of rainwater) in the bucket with a sqeegee, that's how I know they care and they want the best for me. It's almost makes me feel as though the gas station attendant walked out, pumped my gas, gave me a hug, and then a full body massage.


Sara said...

Oh, man, Taylor. You are such a dork, but you make me laugh. :)

I, too, look for something similar at gas stations, though I usually find a squeegee in the bucket at least. What I specifically look for is soapy water. Only twice in my life has the water been soapy, so I don't expect it . . . It's just a nice luxury.

individually wrapped slices said...

I thought you knew a good gas station from a ghetto one based on the number of homeless people asking you for money. i do think the squeegee thing is a bit more PC though.

Heather and Ryan said...

You're so silly

Yvonne said...

I thought for a minute you made up the word "squeegee." I looked it up and it exists. The English language is amazing ;o)

Lauren T. said...

Boo, I didn't know you had a blog! You suck for not sharing! ;)

You wouldn't be interested in mine. It's all about men in white pants, and I don't think I ever talk about full-body massages.

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