Thursday, May 22, 2008

TV: Programming Jungle and Moral Dilemma

I watched TV yesterday. It felt really weird sitting down with the remote and having to choose for myself what to watch. I rarely watch TV (don't get me wrong, I watch movies all the time), and even more rarely am I the one choosing the show. So it was really tough for me. I didn't feel at home at all watching. Everybody else makes it look so easy, like it should be second nature to humans. There were so many channels and I had to make sure I wasn't missing the good stuff. I watched TV from about 9:30 to 12 and I only made it through all the channels 3 times. Here's how it went.
I started with a little news to get me more in touch with the world. Apparently Bush is thinking about spending a lot of money to get the troops out of Iraq, Jesse Ventura thinks he sucks, and some guy named Michael visited some army hospital. I watched a little C-span and some congressman is clearly getting paid a lot of money to try to get natural gas fields opened up, which my roommate thinks is stupid since every new energy source we implement needs to be net zero carbon emission, which is stupid since that's not feasible right now so we got to do something better in the meantime. Then some guy in short shorts from the 80's and his wife that looked like a crack hooker or that scary chick from Best in Show were popping like 30 nutritional supplements every day and hiking on pbs. That was freaky, or maybe it was just her face. Then Pat was praying for a guy to get out of debt on 700 club.
Then I reached my real dilemma- the simpsons. Crap! Was I going to transition into bubble gum programming for the evening rather than watching something informative, educational, or uplifting? And if so, should it be simpsons? That old episode of friends? The naked guy in oil running through a candy store on family guy? At least sports and car racing are an easy no. Scrubs- yeah right, i'm not that brain dead. Flava of love? If I want to watch chicks act like their falling in love with this nasty dude and then squirm when they kiss. Get ready for the winner of american idol tomorrow night? (i already missed the whole season of idol? that's what happens when your sisters move away) CSI Miami? Would have stopped there if Jamie was here. Law and Order? If Mom was here. And if I was going to just watch junk anyway, why didn't I just avoid all of this difficult decision making and just catch up on more Office episodes I missed on my computer?!
So at this point it's already later than I wanted to stay up, I haven't watched more than 10 minutes of any particular show, I'm more stressed than when I started because I can't choose, and then i come across some disturbing show that never should have been made a show about different freak ways people have died. I took that last one as a clear sign that I never should have picked up that remote. That's right. Movies are just easier. You devote an hour and a half, you get the whole story start to finish, you never have to look forward to another episode (except star wars), you get to snuggle up with somebody if scheduling permits. I guess I'm just a movie guy. And if it's a really good show, it'll come out on DVD.


Sara said...

Here, here. I agree with you. 100%!

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