Friday, April 25, 2008

Resources and Interests

Ever think about how much the interests you pursue are shaped by the resources you have available to you? If I had unlimited resources, which interests would I pursue? Well, then the resource in short supply would be time, but here goes.

I'd build all kind of sweet guitar effects pedals and my own tube amps.
I'd own a house and pimp that joker out. A new deck, a fence, built in surround sound system, in-wall TV...
I wouldn't work on my car. (Cuz I'd already have a sweet audi or infinity, or possibly a BMW but only a 7-series.)
I'd be all over some photography (with my sweet action digital SLR camera). And I'd finally learn how to really use Adobe photoshop, premier.
I'd be rockin out on so many instruments with my awesome recording equipment and finally learn how to produce and master with cool edit pro.
I'd be learn how to do a back flip on a wakeboard, and fo' sho' hit up the lakes with my jet ski all the time.
I'd watch almost every movie ever made. In HD. 7.1 surround sound.
I'd finally organize my music collection and have it all on my huge iPod (when they finally come out with a solid state 1 terabyte version).

P.S. Actually, while I was writing this I realized that I was including things that I would do if I wasn't lacking the resource of will power, such as:

I'd memorize some poetry.
I'd relearn how to write Chinese.


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