Friday, April 25, 2008

Fulfillment Center

So when I got home from school today I grabbed the mail as I came in and noticed that my roommate got a small package from "Fulfillment Center." (F.y.i. that's a pretty common from address for online orders). As you can imagine, I immediately thought, "Hmm, I wouldn't mind ordering a little fulfillment." If only it were that easy. Think about all the things that people do to find fulfillment, and all the things they do to cover up their lack of fulfillment.

I personally feel like parenthood and awesome family life is where for real fulfillment can be the most intense. But that's something to work up to. In the mean time though, where do we find fulfillment?? Well, guess my impetus for this post was basically the thought that most (hopefully that's an overestimate) young people are looking for fulfillment in very shallow ways. The most shallow of course would be in drugs, sex, and alcohol. Aside from those, popular choices seem to be humor, friendships, and education/employment.

It's so easy now for kids to keep themselves entertained that it's easier and easier to be able to feed your mind up in cotton candy all day everyday that there's got to be a ton of kids out there that do just that and end up feeling completely empty, unfulfilled, and directionless (my little brother?). Meaningful friendships are a great way to find fulfillment, learn about who you are, how other people outside of your family brainwashing think, and provide great targets for crotch hitting practice when your little brother's not around. There are also the cotton candy friendships though, the one's that are great but leave you with an empty feeling in your stomach, malnutritioned, and wondering why you even have friends. I feel bad for those people that are so focused on going to the best school or getting the best job, but especially for those that don't even know what they want to do other than be the best, that lack passion or vision or whatever. I'm much more inclined to see employment as a means to have an awesome family, but in the best case scenario it should be something you love to do. That's why I'm going to change the world by providing cheap, abundant, reliable plastic solar cells (organic photovoltaics). It's nice to think big. But, see, I have that thought back up with the thought that if that doesn't work out, I'll get a job doing just about anything else and be happy to have one as long as my family's happy.

Now back to the abundant fulfillment imposters from above. It's interesting how God gave us such strong sex drives so that people would get together, even if in their youthful idiocity they don't look to settle down. I guess I find this interesting because He knew that throughout millenia people would misuse this creative power, but that that scenario would be preferred to having a species of individualists that don't form family units and that may not find out the joy and happiness and comfort that we get in families. That just shows that He weighed it out, and it was worth it.

I kind of like this whole blogging thing and saying whatever the freak I want to.


Sara said...

I really liked the last paragraph, especially these two sentences:

He knew that throughout millenia people would misuse this creative power, but that that scenario would be preferred to having a species of individualists that don't form family units and that may not find out the joy and happiness and comfort that we get in families. That just shows that He weighed it out, and it was worth it.

I've often thought the same thing, actually. It is tricky, though, isn't it -- bridling our passions, I mean. Self-control is so amazing; I hope one day I can get it down . . . Hm. Maybe I need to start by not going to bed at 4:15 in the morning . . .

taylorgiddens said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure if you noticed, but you made it sound like the reason you don't go to bed until 4:15 is because you have trouble bridling you SEXUAL passions since those were the only ones specifically mentioned up til that point! watch yourself!

squashley10 said...

I def. think I like BLogging Taylor!!! I love your perspective and thoughts! I agree with Sara, those two sentences she pulled out were my favorites too. I never thought about it like that before, so thanks for making me think outside my box :)

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