Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Faith and Scriptures

I was thinking that sometimes when I am having a difficult finding the time/motivation for the kind of scripture study time that I would like to have I feel like I'm not giving myself a chance to build my faith and so I feel like it's in danger of dropping off. But I just had the realization that the scriptures are really more like an aid to our faith. They the revelations about the truths of the gospel that are important for us to understand in while we attempt to live the gospel and the context in which those revelations came, and also give us a record of how other people lived the gospel.

I feel like our main source of faith is from our lives, feeling the Holy Ghost from reading the scriptures or as we pray or while we're thinking about some gospel topics, or the love we feel as we hear others bear their testimonies. Undoubtedly, reading the scriptures gives more for our brains to chew on that can allow these spiritual experiences to take place, but maybe this realization may help me deal with the guilt that I sometimes trip myself with over never taking the time to become a scriptorian or learning Hebrew and Greek and Latin, or it remove the need I feel to tell myself that someday I'll take a few months break to catch up on all the institute/seminary lessons I missed (when I know that the possibility of having a chance to do that would be slim to none). But I guess the main thing is just that I don't let all the past scripture learning I've missed out on cause me to question my faith. My faith in God and His plan has come from my own feelings and thoughts and experiences.

That said, I owe much of that to the scriptures and really should work on my daily scripture study, and maybe think about adapting Pres. Eyring's method of paying more attention to what the Lord is doing in my life.
President Henry B. Eyring - O Remember, Remember

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Influential Albums

My Early Musical History

"Weird Al" Yankovic's Greatest Hits I have my father to thanks for this influential middle school Christmas gift, which influenced me to be even more of a dork.

Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Must have been Sally's or John's. Classic, though.

Bush - Sixteen Stones
Loved it. Even if I didn't really know what glycerine was.

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream I lost this one at Whitney Cowling's birthday party (like 13th or so). I was saddened.

The Beatles Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, Revolution I'd listen to my dad's records on the record player I kept in my mom's special ed classroom at my middle school while I'd wait on her after school.

Mineral EndSerenading I first starting coming into my own musical tastes when my brother John bequeathed this gem upon me that I think he acquired as part of Juniper Distribution he put together for him and his posse to order cd's for cheaper. It was a little mellow and matched my mood pretty well. This was about the time I talked my dad into buying me my first pioneer amp for my birthday (and Christmas). It was the best gift ever (next to Emily's full body massage), but what made it even better was the 25 disc CD player that we got from the same place for around 25 or 50 bucks. And my dad let me use his huge speakers, too. That's when I started jamming hard.

Cursive Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes. John had this on vinyl and it rocked my world. I remember one time chilling in my room jamming this album and watching a lizard on a branch outside my window. We made eye contact.

Sunny Day Real Estate Diary One of the first and only CD's I've ever purchased myself. I think I can name them all right now: 2) Get up Kids Something to Write Home About, 3) MXPX Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo a regrettable impulse buy on a science club trip at a mall up here south of Atlanta, 4) Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack, 5) Eddie Bauer Christmas, 6) The Empties (my cousin's band), 7) John Ralston Sorry Vampire (at a show), 8) The Stationary Set Don't Forget in the Darkness What You Saw in the Light (also at a show), 9) At the End of All Things It's never too Late 10) Sound on Film.

Get up Kids Something to Write Home About I bought this and listened to it on the way up to the state Science Olympiad competition held at Emory University. I almost won the cow-a-bungee competition after calculating how much phone wire to use to drop the weight as close to the target as possible without touching, but then I added one extra loop because I didn't want it to not be close enough...but it grazed the target and we were disqualified!! One of the low points in my life. But this CD was some awesome listening on the school bus.

I Hate Myself 10 Songs Great record. I would come home from a long hard day of school and club meetings and soccer practice and just crash with a little I Hate Myself lulling me to sleep. This was back when I was learning how to record records into mp3's. I later used this knowledge to transfer some songs a lady wanted to be played at her funeral from cassette tapes.

The Promise Ring Nothing Feels Good John let me have this one because he was starting to get a sense of what music I liked. I remember listening to it as I walked home one day from a JV soccer game at Bazemore-Hyder stadium to his house across the street from VSU fine art's building on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I wonder why no one picked me up...

Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind "Man, this CD's so good. I hope I never don't like it" - from a conversation me and my best friend Drew had in his room while rocking this classic.

So I guess you could say these were just some of the gateway drugs that got me hooked on music, that would lead me down the path of Napstering and Limewiring and g2p'ing. But I guess that's for another day.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Apologies: Back Posts Release

I think it's bad form to just make a bunch of posts at once and not allow people the time they need to digest my thoughts and figure out a point related to what I was talking about but not quite able to get to. But, let's face it, I'm just not going to go back and edit or add stuff to old posts that I've started. I'm just not really the revising type. So those last few posts are thoughts that I've started over the last few months. Maybe one day I'll finish them. But until then, why not share them? (I mean, who really has anything against sounding like an idiot? Obviously not me.)